I think I can…

Yesterday Maura really wanted to jump off the end of the dock. She was so scared that she was literally shaking,it was a BIG deal to her. It took her about half a dozen attempts and some serious pep talks. She would turn around and walk back down the dock shaking her head. Then she would stand in the water for a few minutes talking to herself and getting her game plan down. She kept at it till finally she jumped. She then proclaimed that it was so awesome and she promptly wanted to do it again. I am very proud of her. Anyone that knows Maura knows that she is not a daredevil, she is not a fly by the seat of pants kinda girl, she doesn’t take anything lightly. She then wanted to swim out to the raft and try jumping off that. It was a bit quicker this time as she was already in brave mode.

I found a few quotes that pretty much sum up her day.

This one

or this one

or maybe perhaps this one…

Quotes / Brandy Pham

Good job Maura!

& I will leave you today with a little bit of the boy.

7 thoughts on “I think I can…

  1. Good for her! That’s quite a step to take. I remember going through that at the lake when I was little…scary stuff! Way to persevere, Maura! 🙂

  2. Yay Maura! that is scary stuff indeed! Jumping off of a perfectly safe surface really requires checking logic at the door eh! Love your LO, especially all the flags at the bottom.

  3. My son can be that way – but once he does something, it is like suddenly he believes he can do anything. Love the persistance in your daughter!

  4. Our little girl is growin up! I can’t wait to here her story about her first jump from the dock. Who’s next?

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