In this house…

I have seen this image pinned quite a bit on Pinterest

CUSTOM ORDER for DIANEZOI- In This House We Do... Antiqued Plank Typography Sign

this is my interpretation of it

I just love all of the inspiring quotes and images contained in one place. Pinterest is a real time sucker for me, but I can’t seem to just browse there for a minute or two. Some day maybe my house will be filled with all of the decorating ideas I have pinned, my family will have eaten some of the many recipes I have pinned, I will try out at least one of the many sewing projects that I can help myself from pinning, hmmmm…or maybe I will just spend that time pinning more fantastic ideas!

7 thoughts on “In this house…

  1. Love this! I too have seen this post and have been thinking of doing a layout with it! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Great interpretation Ginny. I have some quotes pinned that I intend to do something with eventually. And lots of other goodies as well. It is a wonderful time sinking tool! LOL

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