While I was away…

It has been a bit too long since I was last here. I have been working on a December Daily for the last few weeks. So excited that today is Dec. 1st, I am ready to start filling those pages. Here is the cover, I love the way the white Mr. Huey looks on the Crate Paper wood grain paper, sighhhhhh….

Megan got her glasses today to help correct the amblyopia (lazy eye) that she has. She will probably require a patch at some point and she will be an official member of the glasses wearing club for life. What a great club to join, but she will do fine and she loves her glasses because they are PINK of course!

 Here are a few pages that I have done recently, I have been scrapping quite a bit these days and really enjoying it.
OK, well I guess that is enough for one day. I will try not to stay away so long next time!

6 thoughts on “While I was away…

  1. All lovely layouts and cover for DD. The “Always at my feet” one made me a little sad. My little guy is at that age and I forgot that this won’t be forever.

  2. Great pages!
    And loving the cover of your December Daily!
    Seeing all the great DD’s makes me wish I had done it, but I think I am going to do a post December album again for the holidays 🙂

    Your daughter is adorable with her glasses 🙂

  3. What beautiful layouts. You are lucky to live somewhere as pretty as the Back Road layout! I agree the Mister Huey and CP woodgrain is a match made in heaven!

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