Project Life weeks 2 & 3

I have to admit that I lost all of the PL mojo I had 😦 It just wasn’t a fun project, I know, I know only 3 weeks in. I guess I should give it a bit more time. It was hard, 1 page wasn’t enough room, 2 pages too much, I typically don’t scrap 12×12 so I wasn’t feeling it. But then I found something that I am sooo excited about!! I found these page protectors at Staples! Yeah yeah, Martha Stewart, say what you will but she does put out some fine crafts supplies. I love the different shaped pockets, the smaller size. I am in heaven! My plan now is to use these as well as the 12×12 PL page protectors. I like the mix of both, for me PL doesn’t have any rules, just go with the flow. So how is your PL going???

3 thoughts on “Project Life weeks 2 & 3

  1. I haven’t started PL yet! I am going to start in a few months because my husband will be working out of town. I think it will help him keep up with all that is going on around here and that he is missing. And I do plan to have the kids help me with it 🙂

    I am so glad I saw your post because I like those page protectors. I have been thinking I was only going to do one page per week, but it might be nice to have those as an option if I have too much or too little to add a particular week

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I think its important to remember to do what works for you, its all about the enjoyment of the process after all! Heck, I finally jumped on the band wagon [after years] of everyone doing 365. For me right now its enough! Glad that you finally are excited again!!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog as well and saying those kind words!

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