It has been a very busy Summer. School is just around the corner, almost time to get back to real life. The kids are super excited! The boy starts kindergarten this year, I can’t even believe it!! It makes me a little sad that he won’t be around as much, but I know he will have a blast! and I still have 2 at home to keep me busy 😉 We have traveled a lot this summer- 2 trips to Cape Cod, Seattle, Virginia, camps for the kids. This has been a fun summer, the little one turned 3 and it has made things so much easier around the house. She can play and keep up with the big kids and doesn’t need constant supervision. Love it!! I am excited to see what this next phase of our life will bring, I think it is going to be awesome!  Another thing that was “So Awesome” was that I got to meet one of my online scrappy friends in real life! I got to meet Tami, she was just as sweet as I imagined her to be 🙂 We both made layouts (of course!!) to document the occasion. She rocked her layout!! Such inspiration! This was my layout



I would love to have the opportunity to meet some other scrappers. It is great to meet people who love the same things that you do!

2 thoughts on “Hello!!

  1. I love meeting online buddies…it is just FUN! This page rocks…colorful, organically fun to look at and treasures that day 🙂

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