5 on Friday

1. Get Messy an art journaling challenge I am really excited to try this out this year. I oohed & ahhed over the journals that I saw last year. I love the concept, get your feelings out on paper, to use fun materials, it doesn’t have to be “pretty”. Sign up for their newsletter now and get some free prompts. The first one is really good, I can’t wait to get started.



After what seems like hours on Pinterest trying to find the type of pendant light I want for over the dining room table, I think I have finally settled on one. The Hektar pendant lamp from Ikea. There are tons of cool light fixtures out there, but the budget only allows for so much, so Ikea it is. And I am totally fine with that.




4.This page from the amazingly talented Celine Navarro. I can’t even believe that I get to be on 2 creative teams with her, I feel so not worthy!



5. 7b7f9304f9da6a440a3a0dc841460d81

(source unknown)

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