Project Life Week #1

One week down, 51 more to go! I really had fun w/ this one, I didn’t stress over it like I did the title page and it all came together. I am just going to do PL easy peasy, no stress, no rules. Some weeks I might have 2 pages, some weeks just 1.

I just love that picture up in the left hand corner. It is from New Year’s Eve, so technically not from Jan.1-6, but I wanted to include it. We lit some fireworks off in the front yard on NYE and I got a great pic of the oldest kids faces. I was holding Adeline, so therefore not in the picture.  We also went ice skating on Saturday. Pat cleared out a spot up in the woods that had a pond that would freeze over. The kids had a great time. Maura picked it up right away. Megan took a few minutes to get the hang of it. Emmett had more fun fooling around trying to fall. Darby was a bit unsure, but she kept telling me how much fun it was! Adeline was left out again, didn’t really think a 1-year-old wanted to go in the cold anyway 😉 Maybe she will get ’em next year. And yes, Darby is wearing a softball helmet. Hey, when you have 5 kids, you gotta use what you got, at least she has a helmet on:) haha!

8 thoughts on “Project Life Week #1

  1. I cannot imagine it being that cold for a pond to freeze. We are having 60-70 degree weather. So cool to get a glimpse if your life. Love all the details and hoping too to keep it easy peasy.

  2. Thanks Gin. This lets me see a little more of my grandkids who are – to quote Emmett – “so far far away.”

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